Marcopol / strona główna

About the company

Marcopol is a leading producer and supplier of a wide range of joining components for numerous industries in Poland and worldwide. Established in 1985, the company became a leader in the field with branches in 12 Polish cities and 5 branches abroad including Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

The products offered by Marcopol are known for their top quality, durability and precise workmanship. They meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in the furniture, building, electrical and automobile industries. Due to its developed and expansive sales network our products are used by big factories, small companies and individual customers.

Our success is based on three pillars; long-term experience, qualified staff, and advanced technology used in the production, quality control and logistics processes. Through cooperation with the best companies in Poland and abroad we have excelled over the competition with Marcopol becoming a strong, dynamic, developing company that employs nearly 500 people.